Excavation Services

Dutchtown Nursery is a premier excavating firm that is experienced in excavating building sites and installing septic systems. Our company provides excavation services for major corporations, contractors, municipalities and homeowners. Dutchtown has the experience to perform a simple task as topdressing a driveway to managing and constructing an entire infrastructure for a subdivision or commercial project. Over the past 40 years of working on high profile projects, we have learned the importance of hiring a knowledgeable excavator that is personable, willing to listen, and considerate of the surrounding property owners. Excavation is generally the first stage of your project and, therefore, it is important to set the tone of how your project will be managed and how the surrounding owners are going to feel about your construction. At Dutchtown, no matter what your need, we always strive to service our customers in the most courteous and professional manner.

Some of our many Excavating services include:

Foundations: Dutchtown can handle your project from start to finish. We excavate large basements to small additions with crawl spaces. We provide a complete service including prep work after the footings are poured, and installing the radon venting and foundation drains. Dutchtown is equipped with the necessary heavy equipment from excavators to the skid loaders all needed to be efficient while excavating all stages of the foundation. Dutchtown's crews are equipped with state-of-the-art laser levels to ensure your basement is set on dry, level ground.

Water and Utility Trenches: At Dutchtown, we provide backhoe and excavator service for individual water line hookups and utility line trenching. Dutchtown employees are experienced in delicate and tight digging situations. It is important to have an operator that is experienced when trenching along existing utilities, since they are not always marked by the utility company.

Grading: We provide grading from stripping of topsoil for new construction to fine and delicate finish grading. Our operators are skilled in the reading of blue prints to actually creating the grades. Proper grades are essential in establishing your landscape, maintaing a dry basement and ensuring a safe and functional site. All our crews are equipped with laser level devices to ensure proper grades and eliminate costly human error.

Retention Basins: Dutchtown Nursery installs, maintains and rebuilds retention ponds. Proper construction and maintenance are crucial to ensure your storm sewers will function as they were designed.

Curtain Drains and Swales: Curtain drains and swales are important and often essential in maintaining a dry basement or property. We install curtain drains on existing properties to relieve drainage problems, and manage new construction efforts to prevent problems. Drains and swales are usually the simple and inexpensive solutions to eliminating problems and preventing major water damage.

Driveways: Dutchtown installs new driveways for future home sites. For many years, our experience in landscape design, is applied in the planning of an attractive and functional driveways. On most properties, the driveway is how your guests and clients view your site, and first impressions are always important.

Backhoe Service: Dutchtown has provided backhoe service for engineering firms, builders and homeowners for many years. We supply our customers with new and dependable equipment with experienced operators. We rent our machines by the day, week or month.

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